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A-gender is our ID


Made in Italy

Edithmarcel’s whole productive path takes place in Italy, and is mainly focused on high quality production and sustainability. Every single phase of the process is furthermore supervised by the company in first person.

Code of Ethics

The brand carries on collaborations which are based on a precise code of ethics and quality values that include principles such as respect, equity, full transparency and the aim to grow productive relations with all the people working in the production chain.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Edithmarcel commits itself in supervising and improving the environmental impact of all production and distribution processes, through renewable energies and low-impact materials.


The refined design and the attention to details are two of the min parts of Edithmarcel’s DNA, together with a specific study of the product in order to achieve a genderless attitude.

Finalist of "Who Is On Next?" 2014

Vogue Italia

Semifinalist Green Carpet Award 2017

CNMI & EcoAge

Finalist Global Denim Awards

HTNK & Kingpins Show

“Oggi gli sterotipi di genere sono posizioni ormai datate che ci trasciniamo dalle generazioni passate”

Ger Tierney, journalist

"E ‘il futuro. Le linee saranno sempre più sfumati e ci continueranno ad essere meno differenza tra le collezioni"

Head of LuisaViaRoma